My Role
Designer | Art Director

Formlabs Color Launch

Formlabs Color Kit was a product that was introducted at the end of 2017. A product where a customer could mix a personalized color. This product was very different than other Formlabs materials: it was more complicated, required more time and effort, and was more customizable when purchasing. I decided to go with a fun, creative look and feel with bright colors and photography direction to create an artistic touch for the user when showing them what Formlabs Color Kit could do. To make sure we carried the look to our final product, I worked directly with our studio photographers to design and build the sets for our shoots, as well as implementing the photos into our final comps.

Wireframe concepts from initial ideation

Color Kit needed a way for the user to select a color from a preset number of color recipes. This meant a challenge of creating a new design pattern for the site in the form of a color picker.

There were various iterations in the design of the color picker. An initial experiment used simplistic color dots, then moved to a photography based object oriented approach where the user could pick a color from special objects in a scene. After I designed the card element for each color, I decided that it was a visual element that could be reused in later iterations, carrying it through a wheel-based picker, and even a large format card version. In the end, we went with a combination of the photography based direction in an interactive picker that I coded custom interactions for. The end result even transfers well for mobile browsers.