My Role
Designer & Developer

Creative Coding Projects

Adventures in creative coding with physical computing, Python, & OpenSCAD.

Fish Car:

Go Fish is a fish controled device. This allows the fish to explore the world around him rather than just the view from the tank. The car has a mounted PIXY cmu cam to track the hue of the fish. This location of the fish determines the direction that the car drives. Fish are not good drivers.

Vena Cava:

Vena Cava is a platform game of the adventure of Jaquin that cactus on the the search for water. The goal is to reach the water before your heart rate accelerates (you become frustrated, upset, or excited). Vena Cava uses your webcam to isolate the green channel from the video feed and analyzes the change to determine your heart rate. This uses the same technology that NASA used to monitor astronauts on camera.